Beacon Network is a system integrator of C.C.T.V security surveillance system since 1996. With more than seventeen years of hard earned experience. Our specialized field include High performance CCD based Close Circuit Television (CCTV) system, Security system, We are provided very cost effective total C.C.T.V security surveillance solution by using best equipments and technology available in the market. We are having a team of talented and experienced engineers and technician to fulfill the needs of customers to their entire satisfaction.

We at BEACON offer state of art technology & Equipment required towards surveillance. Observation, Monitoring, Inspection, in Individual, Commercial & Scientific field. Our solid state systems, backed by customer support, competitive pricing without any compromise in quality. And our professional approach in designing, installation & commissioning of CCTV projects ranging from a single camera & monitors to above hundred cameras involving long cable runs & remote operation through Internet /broadband /lease line /PSTN

BEACON has been support more than 3500-system user –customer all over india. Our client’s range from Public and Private sector units, industries, builders, school, hospitals, Doctors, & Individual. are enclosed herewith BEACON has full flagged service center to take care of after sales service.

We are also take A.M.C., Re-installation, Buy back against new technology & any special tailor made solution in CCTV Field .

We believe that “ the Concept of security in itself is Insecure unless it Depend on certain Technology “ We are engaged to giver hi tech security solutions to our clients made put all our efforts to make your living more convenient and secure.

We provide a series of faultless product in the different field and also to follow best principal to promote our quality and service. We believe that the recommendation of our customers are our best assets and also help to maintain our identity in the field of competitive market.

We design the concept of security especially for you with the help of above said company’s product to ensure the best security.

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